100 hectares of vineyards and more than 50 years of experience combined with continuous attention to the latest technologies.

The Vi.V.O. Agricola farming business, whose vineyards produce the grapes of the Villa Granda line wines, was established in the '70s by a family of entrepreneurs from the Treviso area who relied on the Conegliano school’s wine-making teachings. This precious collaboration led to a meticulous study of the company’s land, a study aimed at having full knowledge of each individual plot in order to plant and grow the most suitable vines.
During the '80s, in its constant effort to improve the quality of its products, the company invested in the construction of a new space used as a “barricaia”, in which to refine its finest wines in various types of barrels.
The product’s excellence is also guaranteed by a consistent quality process, recognized by the BRC and IFS international certifications, achieved by the company in recent years.